12 Days of Love Cut Files Bundle, Day 6 – Floral Heart by Paige Evans

Hello crafty friends! Thanks so much for being here.

Today I’m sharing Day 6 from  the 12 Days of Love Cut Files Bundle  by Paige Taylor Evans.

KMI for PE Love Bundle Floral Heart

Day 6 – Floral Heart

I worked with the AC Digital collection of  Paige’s, Turn The Page Collection . Gosh I love this collection. Like, really, really love it!  I originally bought loads of it back in 2018. But I’ve slowly used it all up (that gets the 😢 face).  But printing it at home is the next best thing and it’s fab to print the ephemeral in whatever size I want!  If you missed it in 2018, here’s some cute projects from the past.

Flower Power Layout by Paige Evans

Darling Sweet Jane by Paige Evans

You’ve Cat To Be Kidding Me by Me

Scrapbot Mini Album, me again

Butterfly Layout by Missy Whidden

Using Hammermill 80 lb Cardstock I buy at Amazon, I printed five papers and a selection of ephemera. If you bought the Love bundle, you received Paige’s beautiful, Floral Heart cut file, today.

Paige Evans-Floral Heart Cut File

Once I had the cut file fully paper-backed, I trimmed most of the left side off with the plan to add it back on the right side of my layout. To make a background, I did the same with my Scalloped Heart Cut File (click here and download it free for your personal use).

KMI for PE Love Bundle Floral Heart 3

I backed the scalloped opening on each side with Vellum. Then, behind the vellum, I added Paper 5 from Turn The Page. Time for stitching!

KMI for PE Stitching Day 8

I chain stitched the scalloped opening with all six strands of variegated DMC Color Variation Floss #4170 Whispering Wind. Because the background heart is scalloped, a pretty, lacy effect was created by stitching.  Once stitched,  I’ve popped up Paige’s Floral Heart cut file over the scalloped hearts in the background.  

KMI for PE Stitching Day 8 a

Here’s what I planned in the Silhouette Design Studio.


Check out my Cameo Tutorial at the bottom of this post to learn how I planned it and copied the flowers and leaves from the cut file to make a pretty cluster with my photos. 

KMI for PE Love Bundle Floral Heart 2

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! 

See you again soon ! Cheers, Kelly 💗

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

12 thoughts on “12 Days of Love Cut Files Bundle, Day 6 – Floral Heart by Paige Evans

    1. Hey hey Calibestie 💗 Thank you for your cheer sweet friend. The stitching is actually the easiest part I think. Coming up with an idea, I think might be new’ish, is the challenge for me. So many gorgeous inspirations out there.

      There’s a sweet gal on Paige’s team, @audreyjane23. Omgosh Audrey is so clever and also loves to stitch. Check her out next time you’re floating around Instagram. She adorable, has adorable little dumplings AND makes adorable pages. How can so much ‘adorableness’ come from one girl 😁 ?
      So nice to swing by the homestead sweetie, mwah 💗🥰💗


      1. It’s hard coming up with original ideas when you see so much on a day to day basis. You do though. Your pieces are always fresh and wonderful. I tried to find audreyjane23 but only one name came up and she didn’t have many posts. Perhaps a missing letter?

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        1. Oh nerds, yes I typed it wrong. Sorry and thanks for finding her after all. Audrey lives in Alberta too but south of Calgary.
          Thanks too for your sweet support hon. I sure try to be original, but you know, that personal doubt creeps in. Mwah !! x💗


          1. I understand about personal doubt. We all have it. I assure you, you are one of a kind. You take ideas and make them uniquely your own: every card, every layout, every creation is uniquely BoomRoom material. xo

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lavinia ! You’re dear to comment, thanks so much. I haven’t ever really done a wedding album. We got married in Dallas actually and hired a very sweet man to photograph the day. I should get them organized, it’s been a while 😀. How many years for you and Rick? 💗

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