Kelly Made It for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane

Hello crafty friends! Today I’m sharing my newest layout for Paige Taylor Evans.

KMI for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane a

Surprise, it’s a rare layout about me. My title, ” Me & my happy creative soul” was made with assorted ephemera from Bungalow Lane and Paige’s Floral Ampersand #304100 cut file. I also used a beloved set of Mini Foam Alphabet from Paige’s Whimsical collection. If you’re not lucky enough to have them, the Pick Me Up set is still available at!  Bonus, they’re all white so you can colour them any colour you need. 

KMI for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane e

I used the M and E in  ‘WELCOME’ from the Bungalow Lane Thicker Phrases to spell ‘ME’ at the top of the ampersand. I love finding a new way to use ephemera differently. I also love the butterfly in the Stamp Set, make one or make a hundred, they can be any colour your heart desires.

The tiny foiled leaves tucked into the bouquet and ‘creative soul’ is also part of this Thicker collection. The buttons, thread card and needle are all from the 12×12 Chipboard Stickers.  After I glued down the thread card, I thought, “nerds, I should have wrapped thread around it” . That would’ve looked cute! Missed opportunity, but maybe next time.

KMI for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane c

What makes this layout really special for me is the stitching.  I was so enamoured with a gorgeous Memorydex Card that Paige had created recently, I just had to sit and stitch something too. After paper-backing the cut file, the ampersand and it’s shadow were chain stitched, then all the flowers were back stitched. Both easy stitches, you just have to be willing to invest the time. I’m always thrilled with the results.

KMI for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane b

Why stop the stitching at the cut file? Maybe try your hand at stitching some ephemera too.  I added even more texture to the floral collage with 3 stitched flowers from the Floral Ephemera package

Here’s a short Cameo Tutorial to learn how I edited Paige’s cut file for my layout. You can watch it on full screen at YouTube!

Some other titles I considered using the ephemera with this ampersand:

coffee & A little me time

chasing butterflies & making the most of today

do what you love & love what you do

growing & man’s best friend

I bet you can think of a few more! Hoping you found some inspiration for your next amazing project.

See you again soon ! Cheers, Kelly πŸ’—

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by πŸ’›

9 thoughts on “Kelly Made It for Paige Taylor Evans with Bungalow Lane

    1. Hello sweet Lavinia! Thank you for being here and your message. I sure wish it was really spring ! We’re enjoying mild temps this week but there’s still lots of snow πŸ˜€ I know we’ll get more before May, which is when we really start to see the season change. Have a beautiful week my friend πŸ’—πŸ₯°

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  1. Kelly! I’m so glad that I decided to visit your blog today. I just love that it focuses on you ❀
    I, too, love the stitching and in particular, seeing your smiling face. Love you!

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    1. Well bless your heart for poppin in my friend! I didn’t know you did stitching ! I can’t imagine when you’d have time with all the things you have on the go. I started calling Marlene, Marlene-a-go-go, when she was working like a fiend on her yard. That and Vonderfrau, LOL, a german take on Wonder Woman 🀣 Maybe I need a nickname for you? hehe! I love you too girl, see you next weekend !! πŸ’—πŸ’—


  2. Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks about the Cameo – I love the way you check out how the colours will look; it must save a ton of time later trying to match everything. So beautiful up close with the tiny gold stitches scattered about and the little flicks of paint. I’m drooling over the French Knots! Thanks for the inspiration Kelly.

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    1. Helen! Thanks so much for all you generous and beautiful messages for this project. It’s hard to be original at times isn’t it? There’s just endless oodles of talent to admire out there, so for me, the stitching is my thing to enjoy. I think the Cameo can be so useful for the easiest things when you know a simple trick. I’m always learning too, but like to share what I know so everyone can enjoy Paige’s (or others) cut files. BIG hug xK


  3. You are an absolute wiz with the Silhouette. I enjoyed your video, and was struck by the idea of designing with it before cutting anything. That makes sense. Your stitches are perfect. I imagine it’s relaxing working your pretty floss through the paper. Your design is lovely. Paige’s collection is lovely. Xo

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    1. Hey Calibestie ! Thank you so much for watching and for cheering me on too. I don’t know that I’m a whiz, but I’m willing to share what I know. I’m learning with every project I think. I love designing everything before I cut because you can easily change the colours in Silhouette depending on your paper selection and know what it might look like. Paige’s next collection, Splendid (it’s soooo me) has an ephemera package with icons ready to stitch. That might be a fun way to try it and they can be used on a card, which I know you enjoy making.

      I just finished a virtual class with Paige and a whole lot of gals from around the world. Sooo fun! Two LO’s in two hours….but mine are only partially done πŸ˜€ Then Paige is back this afternoon to teach a mini. It’s a sunny day, the coffee is hot and I’m having fun. I wish you were here πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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