Kelly Made It for Paige Taylor Evans with Bloom Street

Can I finally say, “Happy Spring” ?

I hope so, because while there’s still lots of snow out my door, I’ve really got the bug now that Bloom Street is finally here!

I just adore the soft pastels, butterflies, bees and flowers and today I’m sharing a couple of Easter cards I’ve designed with this gorgeous collection. Each arrives in a custom envelope made by embossing images from the Bloom Street Stamp Set on to colourful cardstock.

Rather than the traditional square cards, I made larger, shaped cards and a stand for each so that they can still display on a shelf. Since it’s Easter, I designed them as ovals to be reminiscent of an egg.

My first card is an pretty floral egg, sitting in a cup I made using Paige’s Cactus Teacup cut file . I simply cut off the cactus with the blade in the Silhouette Design Studio. I cut and paper-backed two identical teacups so that the card is colourful and pretty all around. Follow me to Paige’s blog for all the product detail ! 

Card two is a spinner! First I made an egg cut file by welding two oval bands (1/4” wide) over top of Paige’s Flower Background 8.5×11 cut file.

I cut two identical egg cut files, but only the front egg was paper-backed with Paper 22 . Next, I taped a clear thread on the back, up the middle of the cut file. Then glued the second egg cut file on to the back. What you see is side B of Paper 22.  The flowers around the centre are fussy cut from Paper 23. I made a third oval band with Happy Easter greeting written with the silver metallic Cameo Sketch Pen.

Finally, two identical butterflies were glued together over the thread. They’re from the Butterfly Sticker Pack. You turn and turn the butterfly before putting it in the envelope. When your friend opens your card, the butterfly dances for them! Not a new idea, but I still love the whimsy.

Thank you so much for being here and have a Happy Easter !!

Watch this 2 minute video to see the cards in action!




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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

6 thoughts on “Kelly Made It for Paige Taylor Evans with Bloom Street

  1. Good morning Ms K! Lovely to wake up this morning and see your beautiful productions smiling back at me. These papers and ephemera are so very pretty – and of course you put it all together so superbly well. It looks like spring has definitely arrived and soon the snow will be gone! WP is being bothersome again and I cannot like your post and my fingers are crossed it will allow this comment through – let’s see xo

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    1. Hello hello lovely P ❤ Very strange about WP. I never got notification either but here's your message. Thanks again for cheering me on Pauline, it means so much. Lucky, lucky me to receive Paige's entire collection and yes, it's alllll gorgeous. I've almost used all the butterflies up now as I just finished another Paige project yesterday. They're sold out in our shop too so perhaps I'll need to order on line. We actually still have lots of snow with more in the forecast, but at least it's not 40 C below, LOL. With any luck, it'll all be gone by April. Fingers crossed. xox K

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    1. Hi Sandy ❤ ❤ Thanks so much lovely friend! Truthfully, I'm more of a layout girl too. Cards are always a challenge for me, but with paper so pretty I had fun. I can show you have to edit the cut file next time we crop if you'd like to do a spinner to xoK


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