Kelly Made It with Pink Paislee

There was a BIG event in May called National Scrapbook Day.  It’s worldwide and pretty much the Holy Grail for gals like me.

I worked that day at a giant crop and sale, but once home, I floated around the Web to collect some treasures of my own. This cute cut-file, ‘Lightbulb Flowers’, by Paige Taylor Evans was a gift on her Facebook page, Happy Scrappy Place that day !  You can still grab it in Silhouette Studio’s or Etsy.

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” 😀 Do you remember that song from Sunday School? My layout is made with Paige’s pretty Horizon Collection for Pink Paislee. This collection literally flew off the shelves at Treasured Memories. Everyone wanted it, it’s so gorgeous.

You may have noticed, I always like to fancy up my boarders. Horizon Page 21 (above) is covered in European style tiles and was perfect for creating, what I call a ‘hanky boarder’. I cut out a few squares (tiles) from the paper, then cut them in half to have two triangles.

The little card next to the photo is in the 2×2 pack and was perfect 😀

Once I paper-backed the cut-file with soft pastels, I backed the top of the lightbulb with some vellum. To help it stand out on the bright yellow background paper, I off-set the cut-file on my Cameo to make another lightbulb, just a wee bit bigger. I cut it from pretty mauve Paper 5 from Horizon. For full details on the products used, please link to my Gallery.

I’ve tucked in a little yellow travel bag as a nod to my creative journey. I always like to add small details that have a special meaning, if only to me.

The hand stitching around the boarder is a simple running stitch. Done once with gold thread and once with white thread. I think it adds just a little extra detail without over doing it. It’s always a fine line for me to know when to say “done” 😀

I hope you’re enjoying your craft room too!

What’s your favourite Paper in the Horizon Collection?

xo Kelly


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

4 thoughts on “Kelly Made It with Pink Paislee

  1. That little light of yours is ADORABLE — especially after you added those perfect little splashes of color. Love, love, love your creativity! xo

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    1. Hello Hello little Chickadee xo You’re the sweetest to comment so kindly. I always love pastels. I swear I should have been a housewife in the 40’s. I adore the clothes, cars, hat’s and gloves and baubles to adorn those cute fashions too. Mind you, no Nespresso would be a drag, ha! Also, men are usually depicted as fast and loose and major drinkers and smokers…yuk ! I’d be a single chick that owned a Car Dealership and I’d test drive all the cars. Well, that was a fun little daydream, ha! Thanks for making me smile love xK

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