Kelly Made it with Pink Paislee

Hello again crafty friends!

Today, I’m sharing a layout I did as a fun challenge for International Scrapbook Day.

Challenge #1, at Paige Taylor Evans’ Facebook Group, Happy Scrappy Place, was a monochromatic design.

Naturally, “think pink”, fell from my lips as I sorted through all the delicious Paige Evans’ collections.

This mix is mostly from Paige’s latest collection for Pink Paislee called Horizon. I am entirely smitten. I was inspired to choose Paige’s Layered Heart cut-file. Find it at her Etsy Shop and at the Silhouette Studio Store.

I also appreciated how fast it cut out because I decided to make a wreath using eight layered hearts. I planned to sew the layers together and gathered my tools and threads.

Initially, I choose a pink embroidery floss but decided it got lost on the pink paper and changed it to gold. What colour would you have use?

After sewing the hearts together, I lightly traced a lunch plate onto white American Crafts cardstock. My plan was to create a mixed media background to lay my hearts on.

Guess what? I changed my mind again. For me, the page became too busy. It’s all part of the process and I never feel like it’s time wasted. It’s just fun to try new things and I’ll save it for another layout.

In the end, with the background white, I played up the boarder by framing it in a bright pink and sewed on sequins. Even though my wreath is round, I added all the other items in a diagonal, from top left to bottom right. The hearts were also mounted on foam to add depth. Finally, I ruffled up each heart for maximum texture. Again, here’s my finished layout.

Thank you so much for coming by!

Cheers, Kelly

What about you, do you like to join challenges?


8 thoughts on “Kelly Made it with Pink Paislee

    1. Hello lovely friend! How nice of you to come by and thank you for your sweet message too. I have always loved pink too. It mixes well with yellow and aqua, my two other go to colours. Preferably in pastels. I would have been perfectly content in a ’50’s shopping store, buying pastel everything…fridge, stove, shoes, clothes, dishes. Jim and I spotted a pastel mint Vespa yesterday and I put my order in for one with him, LOL…then I said, “No, wait ! I would want pink ! Wait! make it baby pink!” Like it was an official thing, hahaha. xo K


  1. Hello Boomdee! I always enjoy reading about your process. I too will often scrap several attempts at something before getting it right…or as right as I can for the time and materials at hand. I smiled when I realized the second pic is in New Zealand. Is that truck pic of you from the same trip? Your layered hearts are a delight and I agree that the gold thread works better. It punches up the pink layers. Are those sequins sewn on by hand? What a masterpiece. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. You always make it look fun. Xo

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    1. Happy Friday Bestie ! Thank you, mwah, mwah, for all your sweet comments. That is the vintage pick-up truck at the winery we walked to πŸ˜€ What a glorious spot that was hey? The sequins are sewn on but you know what, it’s faster than everyone thinks. I just make the holes with a ruler that has holes in it. Then I straight stitch and add a sequin every other stitch.

      Of course I had to scrap Wanaka and the girls when the pink ephemera I dug out was all about travel πŸ˜€ What a fab tribe we are xo K

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  2. Hi Kelly! I really love this page! It is nice to hear your thought process while working on a layout and that you may start in one direction and end up going in another. Such a pretty result and you have a lovely mixed media wreath for another layout!πŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Hi Sandy, thank’s so much for coming by and your message too. For sure, the only thing certain about designing a page is that I’d change my mind on any number of elements at least a dozen times πŸ˜€ I start with a idea and after a few detours, my vision is realized. Gosh, I love pink (and aqua and spring green and melon and…..LOL). Hugs!!

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