Be Happy Layout with Paige Evans Quilt For Stitching Cut File

Hey, hi friends! It’s day 10 of Paige Taylor Evans, 36 Days Of Stitching Cut Files.  The bundle is only $30, or just .83 each ! If you just want to collect a few favourites, pop into Paige’s Etsy shop, because they’re also available individually!

I began by cutting Paige’s, ‘Quilt For Stitching’ cut file out of  white Cardstock, Then stitched in diagonal rows, using  two complementary colours in each row. This way, looking at the finished piece, the colours appear very random, but I didn’t have to change the thread colour until the end of each row.

I chain stitched, with all six strands of DMC floss throughout.

After all that stitching, I didn’t want to cover up too much, but was so excited to work with Paige’s newest collection, ‘Blooming Wild’ ! Isn’t it gorgeous? I chose to add Paige’s Butterfly Border cut file on top. The shape of this cut file lent itself to tucking my photos into the bend, I really liked that. By making two inset butterflies for each, I was able to add lots of colour and pattern, always a favourite technique. Paper 2 backed the cut file, followed by three pretty sheets of patterned paper from the 6 x 8 Paper Pad. Many have foiled accents and the smaller patterns work perfectly too. To complement the foiled accents and add more texture, I stitched each butterfly with silver metallic thread, leaving the thread ends long to mimic their antennae. 

The primary focus is a combination of three photos mounted on chipboard ephemera. Two are Chipboard Frames and the centre photo is mounted on one of the  Collage Tiles! They’re a brand new item for Paige’s collection and I love them so much. Around the photos, my title ‘Be Happy’, is a combination of the beautiful Thickers and a Chipboard Sticker, flowers from both the Floral Die Cuts and Cardstock Stickers, a rainbow and some sweet flowers from the Puffy Phrase Stickers. I’m positively mad for the little things in Blooming Wild. Like the Mini Floral Puffy Stickers (you’ll want more than one package) and Chipboard Buttons. I sprinkled them in three spots on my layout, that appealing invisible triangle works every time. 

It’s only day 10 and there are so many more beautiful, stitched inspirations to come.

Visit us tomorrow and follow along at Paige’s Happy Scrappy Place Facebook group.

 So glad you came by, cheers! 

Kelly Made It for Paige Taylor Evans

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

5 thoughts on “Be Happy Layout with Paige Evans Quilt For Stitching Cut File

  1. You really are clever. That was smart stitching on the diagonal so you didn’t have to switch out thread. I had to go back and look and even then it took me a minute to see what you meant. Your stitching is gorgeous. Mostly, I’m happy to see you having a lot of fun doing what you love.

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    1. Good Morning lovely Alys and thank you so much for your BIG visit ! Even with a plan, this took a big bit of time to stitch. So you’d have to love it to take it on, which you know I do. xoK


    1. Dear Lavinia, thanks so so much for visiting and adding some cheer! It’s surprising that you’re getting snow in March isn’t it? I’m sure it must have melted already. Last week we got dustings of snow everyday, just a whisker of white. But, the weather may be turning around to real spring now. It’s above 0 the last few days and the sun is packing a punch. Hooray!! 💗🌸

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