My Flower Adventures Mini Album for Scrapbook & Cards Today

Hello again sweet friends! I finally get to share the details of my mini album made for the Summer Issue of Scrapbook Cards Today. I made it back in May and really wanted to use Paige’s brand new (at the time) Splendid collection! Let me just say, there may have been (absolutely was) some panic buying whenever it came up on a website for sale, LOL ! 

Although I couldn’t get the entire collection at the time, I was able to get creative with lots of stitching, Paige Evans Cut Files and a couple of dies Paige Taylor Evans designed with Zsoka Marko for A Pocket Full Of Happiness. I’m such a fan of them both.


You might already know, I love making shaped mini’s and started with a simple rectangle, then welded Paige’s, Rainbow Cut File #266209 to the top using the Silhouette Design Studio. I added chain stitching for lots of texture. I wanted the cover to look like a pretty gate into the garden. I designed a simple gate shape in Silhouette, then cropped in Paige’s, Circle Petals Background #259811

I hadn’t received the Floral Die Cuts when I started to make the mini, but no worries, Paige has lots of flower die cuts to choose from. The pink flowers on the cover are made with Paige’s Layered Flower cut file #271536. The yellow flowers are made with Paige’s Layered Flower cut file #271164


I duplicated the rainbow on my back cover, along with the same stitching for a polished finish. The floral charms on the coil spine were just perfect! I love the touch of gold and carry it through out my mini album. 

I decided the colour of each new spread would follow the colours in my rainbow; raspberry, pink, orange, green, blue and lilac. I chain stitched each page with matching DMC Floss. I like to carry a few elements, front to back, to really tie a mini together.

For specific product links, visit my Scrapbook dot com Gallery.  Below, I share links for Paige’s cut files and dies that helped make my mini extra pretty! 

KMI SCT Garden Mini a

The Floral Corner Die Cut on the right is from A Pocket Full Of Happiness

KMI SCT Garden Mini b


KMI SCT Garden Mini e

The Jean Pocket cut file on the left was designed by me and is free to download here. The Flower Background cut file #267054 cut file on the right is another by Paige Evans.

KMI SCT Garden Mini d

The on the right, I’ve used a combo of two dies Paige Taylor Evans designed for A Pocket Full Of Happiness, the Stitched Quilted Background Cover Plate and the Quilted Background Die. I think it’s so pretty in these colours!

On the left, I used the gorgeous floral heart from the Chipboard Stickers and Paige’s Heart Mini cut file #287522 to make a fold-out with lots of garden photos. It ties closed with a ribbon taped in behind. The blue and white flowers were made with  Paige Layered Flowers #319451 cut file. I love that you can make them any colour combination that works with your project! 

KMI SCT Garden Mini c

I used the 2×2 sheet from the Paper Pad with Paige’s, Folded Circle cut file #267970 to make the colourful spread on the left. The photos on the right are each a stack of garden photos to flip through.

KMI SCT Garden Mini f

Here we are at the back cover. How perfect is this Splendid cut file #398529 by Paige? After paper-backing it with Splendid, and chain stitching, I added a vellum offset. 

If you pick up the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today,

you can find me on page 60.

Thanks to everyone there for your help and the wonderful opportunity.

You made it so enjoyable!

Thank you lovely Paige for putting my name forward to the nice folks at S&CT! 

I’m so blessed! 💗

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

9 thoughts on “My Flower Adventures Mini Album for Scrapbook & Cards Today

    1. Lavinia !! I’m so sorry to hear your news. How scary for you! I’m so relieved it wasn’t fatal. Were you at home? Did you go by ambulance to ER? So terrifying! Will you be going for regular scans now?
      Thank you so much for coming by. I’m actually in Denver just now. I came for a scrapping weekend with a bunch of girls and Paige Evans. She’s the lovely gal I design for and I just adore her.
      I will watch for an update at Salmon Brook. I love hearing your news. Take good card Lavinia 💗💗

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    1. Hi hi lovely Lindy. Thanks so much for reading and commenting 💗💗 Not gonna lie, it actually took me about a week and a half. First planning a theme, then making the cut files, then the construction and sewing. Stitching the flowers took a fair bit of time too. But when I have a vision of what I want, I’m like a dog with a bone, and just keep going, LOL !


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