My Happy Place Mini Album

Hi friends, I’m sharing a mini album I’ve made with Paige Evans’ beautiful Go The Scenic Route and it’s all about my craft room! 

Of course I had to make a cute tassel to hand from the cover.

My Happy Place Mini Album

I learned how to put together the folding pages at Paige’s Virtual Mini Album Class.  With Paige’s technique, you design both sides of the mini and here’s a look at the front and back of mine.

My Happy Place Mini AlbumAfter a knee surgery, I couldn’t get up to my craft room for 2.5 months and really missed it. It’s not just having access to all the fun product, it’s also about the vibe I’ve curated. I like to use vintage dishes and cabinets to store useful tools and tapes right at hand. It might look busy, but I know exactly where everything is.

My Happy Place Mini Album

On my Ikea shelving, it’s all about the little things. Treasures from friends, things I pick up while traveling and finished projects. I’ve used the next fold in my mini to highlight all the cute stuff.

My Happy Place Mini Album

On the left page, I decorated one of the Journal Tags in the collection. It’s tucked into a sequin boarder.  My Happy Place Mini Album

My Happy Place Mini Album

I printed the photos as a collage, small enough to add two. 

On the opposite page, I’ve made a photo waterfall to save some larger photos with even more room for journaling. It ties closed with a ribbon taped around the back. Oh look, this page is swarming with butterflies! 

My Happy Place story continues on the flip side of the mini. Starting with a hand stitched Globe cut file by Paige Evans. It about connecting with sweet friends around the world who also love to scrapbook. I love this supportive and creative community.
The next fold is a little gallery of my favourite layouts made with Paige’s collections. It was hard to choose. I made the images, 2″x2″ to line up with the Mini Paper Pad images stitched on my sewing machine.
Finally on the last fold, another cut file by Paige, I Love Scrapbooking. After paper-backing it, I sliced it in half before adding it to allow for the fold.
For all the product information used here, visit my Gallery at and for those of you that enjoy a flip-thru, here’s my YouTube video. 

Thanks so much for your visit. Cheers, Kelly

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

14 thoughts on “My Happy Place Mini Album

    1. Hi hi Lavinia. Thanks a bunch for your message. It’s been nice to be back in my craft room where everything is at reach. How’s spring shaping up for you? Have you got your vaccine yet? I’m finally scheduled for this Wednesday. It’s been a roller coaster here. Actually today, we’re back into lockdown, so thank goodness for paper fun 💛

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  1. You are really something else. I love your curated and functional craft room. I’m so glad I could once spend a bit of time there with you watching you weave your magic. The mini is delightful. I’m so happy you are back in your craft room once again, and with spring just around the corner, you can spend time in your pretty garden, too. xo

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    1. Thank you sweets! Back in the day, we could both scrap in there! Before you visit again, I want to get organized in Jim’s office and do a switch-a-roo. It’s brighter in that room and it’s bigger.
      In Paige’s class, the front photos are in portrait print and the back are in landscape print, which I thought was so clever. But I couldn’t find any good photos in landscape print.
      I’m hoping I can get in the garden soon too. Jim’s cleaned up all the leaves, now to tidy the garden beds. It might not be totally manicured the way I like it this summer 😀 xox K


      1. It was hard for me to step away from the garden in both 2015 and 2020 for surgeries. I would limp past the weeds along the sidewalk heading to Mike’s car and just sigh. You’ll be back to it soon, if not this year, then next. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this.

        I like the idea of moving your craft room to a bigger and brighter space. Now that Jim is fully set up downstairs, it makes sense to use that room. Perhaps you can hire a reliable handyman to move all the furniture at one time, then you can make it pretty in your own time and energy.

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        1. A handyman will be great, I just have to wait until we’re both vaccinated. Hopefully soon.
          There’s this heavy solid wood desk in Jim’s office. It’s crazy heavy. The previous owners didn’t even want to move it, plus, it’s ugley, LOL xoK


          1. LOL. I remember that desk. Mike also had a massive teak desk, that we eventually replaced. Seriously, it was as wide as a single bed, just not quite as long, and it weighted a ton. It almost seems incosiderate of them to leave, eh? Or…maybe Jim likes it and it’s just you and me that want it out of there. (You would think it was MY room…LOL) xo

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    1. Hello hello Derrick ! Thanks so much. I’m glad I have this hobby to make the days go by. My knee is healing well thanks. I’ve been in physio for 6 weeks. My gal there is awesome and up able to move around on one crutch. No smoothly but at least I’m getting A to B, cheers xK

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