Kelly Made It With Pink Paislee

Hello crafty friends ! What are you crafting these days?

I’ve just finished playing along with a Scrapbook Challenge at Paige Evans Facebook group, Happy Scrappy Place. Paige provided this gorgeous cut-file to use:

The prize was a goodie bag of Paige’s, much anticipated new collection, Horizon. I’m really excited to get Horizon in my craft room so of course I wanted to join in (it will arrive at Treasured Memories very soon).

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I used two sheets of Paper No. 15 from Paige’s Turn The Page Collection. The yellow side is my cut-file and the floral side was fussy cut for embellishments.

To create a spot for the pop dots, I added triangles of clear heavy acetate to the back. They’re barely visible from the front and once the embellishments are layered on top, they disappear completely.

Popping up the cut-file helped create shadow and texture. I gently bent up some petal edges to add even more texture.

Once the fussy cut flowers are layered on top, you don’t see the acetate at all !

I always love to add dips and dot’s of paint, Stickles and Nuvo Jewel Drops in coordinating colours. The title, ‘Miss You Dad’ (made with Thickers from the Whimsical Collection), is a nod to the large tag. It says, “You are stronger than you think”. Those of us who’ve lost our dads and miss them, will get the connection.

Finally, I added a chain stitch with gold thread along the boarder, sequins and butterflies.

Lovely Laura Alberts won the challenge, but I had a great day scrapping and having happy thoughts about dear dad walking me down the aisle.

Thanks so much for coming by. Please let me know in comments any questions I can help with!

Cheers, Kelly ❤


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

12 thoughts on “Kelly Made It With Pink Paislee

    1. Thank you so much Lavinia! Happy Easter to you and all at Salmon Brook ! You must be getting out into the garden to prepare for summer now. It’s warming up here too. We need moisture. I’m still snipping and gluing my way to happiness in the craft room. I actually have a class coming up at Treasured Memories where I work. One thing I know for sure, with cell phones in every hand, kids now will have their childhoods a lot more documented then I ever did. On the bright side, one photo is better than no photo 😀 Cup half full, right? xK

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  1. I’m with Alys: Nothing else I encounter this week will be even a fraction as crafty as you are. And what a BEAUTIFUL tribute you’ve created for your dear dad! He must have been immensely proud of his clever and creative daughter. xo

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    1. Awe, thank you so much Ms H ❤ You sure know how to make a girl feel special ! One of the many things Alys and I have in common is missing our dads. At least I was blessed to have my dad in my life until my 30's. I'm not sure if you know, our sweet Alys lost her dad at a very young age. You might have seen some of her posts and

      When I read the tag 'You are stronger than you think' , losing dad came to my mind. While dad was sick and I anticipated the heartbreak of letting go, I still tried to be brave, to be strong so dad wouldn't have to worry about me. Although it was impossible for him not too. That's just the kind of guy he was.

      Unfortunately, I have very few family photo's because my mother is estranged from our family and she used to have all the photo's. So even though my ex and I parted ways long ago, I still love this photo of us. Thanks for being here lovely xo K

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      1. I did not know about our sweet Alys; what a sad and cruel thing. And how sad too that you felt such a need to be brave and strong to protect your own dear dad from your grief. You are a wonderful soul, Miss Boomdee. xoxo

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        1. Oh honey, any wonderfulness comes as a gift to me from my dad. Picture a guy in garage overalls, wandering around the yard with a giant pink feather duster. Kelly: What are you doing dad? Dad: Oh just whipping up the pollen on the baskets for the bee’s. My soul had lot’s of gentle lessons everyday. xox K

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          1. What a BEAUTIFUL memory of your dear dad! How fortunate you were to have lots of these gentle lessons every day. And you learned them well! xoxo

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  2. *You* are what’s crafty with me today. I think they named the store after you: you’re a treasured memory. I love what you do with these amazing cut files. You really are a fan girl. I hope they’ll scoop you up for some design team work. Thanks for that clever tip on using acetate. Lovely work, lovely photos, lovely memories. xo

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    1. Hello Chickadee! How sweet to find your message tonight. Thank you Alys ❤

      True story, I'm a fan girl, LOL. Paige has an open call for guest designers this year. I was thinking it was a nice opportunity. I'd like to get a few posts up too. So this is a start 😀 Some of the girls in Paige's FB Group as bound to be interested too. Lot's of talented and inspiring ladies there. You get to feel like you know them and we all root for each other. It's fun making those connections, but none will ever be like ours xoxo Love you!

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      1. I’m so happy you’re connecting with women of like minds and talents. It sounds like a wonderfully supportive group, with lots of good energy. You are immensely talented so you’ve fallen in with a great crowd. Of course there is only one Alys/Boomdee. 😉

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