Thank you for stopping by for tips on finishing your February Page Kit. Please leave me a comment if you have questions. You can also see a Gallery of these Pages by linking here.

You’re Beautiful

First, Cut an 10.5″ square out of the centre of the flowered paper.

Do the same with this piece of paper. Reserving the outer part for the next layout.

Trim 3/8″ off the White Hearts cut-file, centre and tape on top of the gutted flowered paper. Reserve the 10.5″ square.

Using papers in the kit, cut four, 2 1/4″ squares, out of 4 patterned papers.

Glue squares behind each heart of the cut-file. I added extra interest by making small holes around each heart with a pin over a self-healing mat.  It looks stitched, but there’s no sewing 😀

Build a photo collage with all the elements in the envelope with the stamped bird and feathers.

  1. I stamped a 5″x7″ piece of vellum. You could also splatter with paints. Tape in place.
  2. Cut out both stamped birds and layer as shown.
  3. Glue two pom-pom’s on top of the clothes pin.
  4. Circle some thread and grasp with the clothes pin.
  5. Glue the bird on top of the clothes pin as shown.
  6. Glue white feather to the layout, pop-up paper feather on top then glue the clothes pin just beneath the feathers as shown.
  7. glitter the die cut piece of Score-tape.
  8. Finish photo collage as shown

Lastly, add sequins, Stickles and/or paint dot’s in similar colours around the photo area. I also machine stitched around the layout to add an extra element. Done!

Thoughts of You

Trim a piece of white Cardstock to measure 11″ square. Previously, you removed 10.5″ square from this paper.

We’re now attaching the patterned border to the 11″ square white Cardstock to create a left/top justified border as shown. Once taped in place, I used a stamp to create a splatter effect. Then attached the Black cut-file of a face as shown. Next, I coloured the hearts in the kit with Distress Oxides and splattered lightly with water.

Using the same inks, colour and cut out stamped images included in the kit. Arrange on the LO, leaving room for a photo. Lastly, glue on sequins provided in package for this page. Done!


The bottom right hand corner was made by trimming a triangle off the paper. The photo on the left, shows the corner cut off and turned over.  The photo on the right is the back of the layout, showing a patch of scrap paper taped over the seam.

(Refer to the finished layout above) Working on the front,I added a strip of 1/4″ Score Tape next to the seam, then taped on a strip of purple flowers (in your kit), then another strip of score tape, then the branding strip from one of the papers. You’ll have five small, stacked borders on this corner. Finally, remove the tape covers and apply glitter.

Making the rose coloured lenses in the glasses is easy. Use the remaining vellum in your kit. Blend two patches of Pink ink onto the vellum. Heat dry to set. On the opposite side of the vellum, trace the lens opening of the glasses. Now cut out a 1/4″ bigger than your tracing and glue to the back of the glasses.

Finish the remaining layout with items provided for this page.  There’s a small tag provided and attached to the left of my photo.  Here’s how I made mine.

Add two pieces of Score Tape to the inside flap, One 1/4″ and one 1/8″. Remove the cover of the 1/4″ tape and sprinkle with glitter. Remove the cover of the 1/8″ tape and fold the top over to tape closed. Tuck in beside your photo. Done!

Good Vibes

Saved the easiest layout for last. Cut the pink and white striped paper into four pieces, from corner to corner of the paper. Using two of the triangles, tape to the pink cardstock. Tape mauve ribbon from corner to corner as shown. I used 1/8″ Score Tape. Glue the ‘Good Vibes’ embellishment together.  Fussy cut the stamped flowers to sprinkle around your photo’s along with sequins and string included in the package for this layout. Finally, I trimmed out one ‘hello’ from the washi tape in the kit and added it to the bottom of the layout. Done!

Thank you so much for shopping at Treasured Memories.

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Cheers, Kelly xo


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛


    1. Happy New Year Derrick! Thank you so very much. As you can tell, I’ve been absent at WordPress and focusing on some work projects, but I hope to catch up with everyone while on holiday in Maui very soon 😀 Cheers!

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  1. I love your layouts and the adorable photos in them. You have the worlds best smile. “Specs appeal”…that is so clever. I hope you get a sell-out crowd at Treasured Memories. If I didn’t live 700 miles away I would be there too. xo

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    1. Hey Bestie ! Thank you so much for visiting and your loving message. I can hardly believe January has come and gone. I’ve been buried under paper and miss you so much xoxo ! One week to go and we’ll be in the sunshine. Not a moment to soon since the weather across Canada and I guess in to the mid-west USA is a bit banana’s.

      I’m so happy the American Government has paid Federal Workers and gotten them back to work. So much pain and suffering for all involved. Plus I was scared to fly without Air Traffic Control operating at 100%. Yeeesh, hope that tandrum is over !

      Have a fab weekend! Let’s FB video from Maui !!! xo Love you


      1. I could have sworn I replied, but who knows. My Christmas laptop has been in the shop for a week. Mike bought it refurbished, and apparently the problem persisted. After multiple crashes and resets, it’s been mending. Mike’s rebuilding my apps and I’m back to using the old one, which runs out of power every couple of hours. I know how it feels. 😉 Can’t wait to chat. xo


  2. Even if you gave me the paper and the glue and cut out the various components for me, not in a million years could I craft these little treasures as beautifully as you do, Kelly. You are so clever and creative! xx

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    1. Good Morning Minnesota ! Happy Fri-yay and thank you so much for your generous message hon. I sure wish you and Alys could fly in for my class on Tuesday. I think you’d surprise yourself and with the right tools you’d make a masterpiece 😀 You know, the making of these pages is kind of just the tip of a shiny iceberg. There’s a whole community of gals on Instagram that, like me, just love playing with paper. I’ve gotten to be friends with lovely ladies all over the globe and it really makes the world feel small, safe, happy and friendly. So I really love that part just as much. It’s a lot like WordPress and Blogging in that regard. Have a super weekend, don’t freeze! xK

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      1. Thank you for your vote of confidence, miss Kelly! Though, for everyone’s safety and happiness, it’s probably best to keep me away from the glue. 🙂 I do know what you mean about the sense of community, though … and that’s one of my favorite things too. Happy Friday to you too! xx

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