Dreams Come True – The Blooming Wild Weekend

Welcome friends! What a whirlwind week I had last.  It began in New York City with my hubby, Jim, to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Click on any collage to roll through the photos

There were shows on Broadway, a harbour cruise and lovely dinners together too. I have one recommendation, bring comfy shoes! We walked and walked and walked some more!


It was a fun five days, then a short cab ride to Newark and the Blooming Wild Weekend !!

Sweet Paige Taylor Evans along with Shara Crane, Vee Morales and yours truly, put on the classes. They included Mini Albums, Bead Wrapping, A Pocket Page and Layouts. The projects were all designed with Paige’s gorgeous Blooming Wild Collection!

There was also lots of swag by the wonderful sponsors!  Everyone was so generous and made the event  extra special. Speaking of  goodies, we also traded Memorydex Cards and Journal Inserts and let me just say, they blew my mind!! Some crafty ladies went above and beyond to include little gifts and made extras to share with everyone. 

These were the MDC I took to share!

Here’s all the MDC cards and Inserts I brought home!! WOW !!

I’ve already got them in a little MDC box I made with Blooming Wild

I really want to share amazing gifts from Shara, @sharacrane and Vee, @Buzzinwithvee

Shara made this charmed, custom Lanyard. It’s made from the prettiest material, includes her personalized tag and a beautiful charm tassel. Shara taught her technique in a class and hopefully I’ll finish my tassel charm soon. It was gifted in a little box, scrapped with my name. I will treasure it forever!! 

Vee made the most beautiful butterflies and lady bug shakers that are all sewn with gold thread. The layers and gorgeous details blew my mind. Then take a peek at this little folder ! I mean, WOW ! So charming, I might have squealed like a little girl 😀 

All along the way, there were lots of introductions with new friends and happy reunions with others. Always with hearts wide open and generous hugs. This is my second event to attend and if you’ve ever thought about going, you will make memories to last forever. 

some photos are from a shared photo file at the Blooming Wild Facebook Group

My class was the last one on our fun-filled schedule.  I was a little nervous and seemed to have a bit of trouble keeping my project in view of the camera. Learning curve or what? LOL!  I tend to battle nervousness with humour and got a few laughs though, which calmed my britches. Here’s the layout I designed for the class.

If you weren’t able to join us in Newark (or would just like to use it again), the FREE cut files will be available in my next post on Monday April 24th. There’ll also be a short, ‘how-too’ included. See you then!

I’m so thrilled to have been included in the event ! Thank you everyone for making it so special and memorable! Special shout-out to my BFF Nadine, of Nadine Karen Designs, for coming and supporting me on our adventure! I had a blast !!

See you all again soon, hugs Kelly 💗


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

7 thoughts on “Dreams Come True – The Blooming Wild Weekend

    1. Thank you for your Anniversary Wishes Lavinia! Since we weren’t able to travel on our 20th, we just thought, ‘why not now’ ! NYC is way to big and busy for me but we had a lot of fun attending shows. They’re pretty spectacular. My favourite day was out on the water though. Have a beautiful weekend !! 💛🌸


    1. Hello dear Herman ! Thanks very much for your anniversary wish. We had a nice holiday for sure. I find cities like New York are way too busy for me. But a short visit offers lots of things to do, all a taxi ride away. The other thing I noticed is a great number of pot smokers on the street. Nothing at all against it and it’s legal here too, but when there’s more than 3 people toking up at a light, waiting to cross becomes an exercise in holding my breath, LOL. I never see anyone here smoking pot on the street 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I have mixed feelings about big cities. But I never felt comfortable when I was staying there. Sure, I love NYC but only in a movie… 😉
        The city where I live has about 40,000 registered inhabitants. That’s enough for me…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sounds lovely Herman! There’s about a million in Edmonton, but we live in a little community in the river valley near our downtown. Very quiet and not a lot of houses.
          I have to agree, NYC is too busy. We saw Chicago and Moulin Rouge on Broadway, so that was the best part.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m still dreaming of going to NYC one day. But I have a fear of flying and taking a boat is too expensive. So, I will stay at home and enjoy NYC in the movies… 🙂
            I wanted to see David Byrne’s American Utopia Show on Broadway a few years ago, but COVID took over the world, and again, that fear of flying…

            Liked by 1 person

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