Kelly Made It For Paige Taylor Evans With Truly Grateful

Home Sweet Home Layout

Hello friends, has Autumn arrived where you live? I can see the changes every day. The gorgeous, jewel tones in Paige’s Truly Grateful collection are a perfect way to help you celebrate the season.


It’s the time of year in Edmonton when the sun warms daytime temperatures near 22 C but evenings are very cool. The golden leaves fall and decorate pavement and sidewalks up and down the neighbourhood.

I imagined our home just as colourful, using Paige’s Haunted House cut-file but with an lovely make-over and just wee bit Kelly’fied 😀

Pop on over to The Paige Taylor Evans Blog for a taste of fall, Kelly style!

See you there !!


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

11 thoughts on “Kelly Made It For Paige Taylor Evans With Truly Grateful

    1. Hello Lovely friend! Thank you so so much. That tree is almost bare of leaves now. We had one very windy and cool day that tossed off most of the beautiful fall colour here. Today, a pleasant 17C with sunshine though. It’s a blessing, since last year, at this time, we already had snow…eeeep! xoxo


  1. Oh my yes, autumn has arrived here, Kelly! But none of the scenes I’ve seen so far in Minnesota are as beautiful as the projects you highlight here. You are amazing! xo

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    1. Hello hello dearest !! You are wonderful to leave me this message, thank you for always cheering me on and making me feel so happy about a project. I doubt each LO I’ve done for Paige, it takes me a while to like them. I always think I could have done something a bit better. I do love all the colours on this one though. We’re so happy in our home, it’s perfect for us. xoxo Hugs to infinite K

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      1. One of my former bosses used to say that if you’re not doubting yourself a little bit, you’re not pushing the creative envelope. But you have nothing to worry about in that regard — because you are endlessly (mind-bogglingly?) creative! And at least to my untrained eye your layouts are absolutely perfect. xoxoxoxo to infinity, and beyond! 🙂

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        1. Your former boss sounded like a smart guy 😀 Thanks again honey-bee! I always like a good challenge and continue learning from the gals I admire doing their own thing too. Hope your weekend has been fun. I worked yesterday but am lounging about today on my way to the craft room 😀 Life is good xoxo

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    1. Hi honey !! OMgosh, thank you so so much for this. I’m struggling with my current project for Paige and having serious doubts about it. I already started over once :/ But I remind myself everyday what a privilege it is to be on her team and to enjoy every moment. I miss you so much. I’m almost done and then we need one of our 3 hour video chats xoxox ❤ Love you

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  2. Happy autumn, Kelly! Edmonton sounds beautiful at this time of year. We had a cooler than usual (no complaints) summer here, and it looks like the rains are coming early. I am hoping for an extended autumn down here to keep the gardens going a while longer.

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    1. Hello lovely ! Everyday I want to jump onto WordPress and catch up with all of you. But just now, I am going a hundred miles an hour with other commitments. I’m thankful for the cool weather too, the heat and I don’t mix well. I think our hottest weather was in late May, LOL. Well maybe next year. I hope all is tickity-boo for you there and your garden wish comes true. I struggled last week with Hermans news and got teary every time I thought of them. I get so attached ❤ xK

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