Thinking of you with Garden Party

Hello friends, thanks so much for coming by. I’m sharing a layout today made with the super pretty new collection from Maggie Holmes called Garden Party.

Did you get all-the-pretty-things too? I’m totally in love with this collection. The soft colours, cute mini puffy stickers and the never ending sticker book. My layout is all about Eve (wink). She unfortunately was abducted from my front porch two years ago. Don’t panic, Eve was this sweet little pixie in my fairy garden.

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 7

I collect my fairy garden treasures on travels around the globe, so I was super sad when Eve (and others) were taken. But I’m working it out with my passion for scrapping. 

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 2

Still, she was so cute and I wish I had her for my garden. I stitched ‘thinking of you’ with DMC thread. It’s actually a sketch file I purchased in the Silhouette Design Store. Once sketched, I made holes and did a back stitch.

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 6

The bunny is one of the sweet Puffy Stickers, the flower is in the Sticker Book. I added some colourful Stamping in two corners of my layout. I stamped right over the machine stitching that goes all around the border. I used a punch on the yellow striped paper and layered it into the border. 

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 4

The 12×12 Chipboard characters are quintessential Maggie Holmes, including a swan, flowers, bees, butterflies and oh my! Why a swan? Everything that summer was going swimmingly until Eve was taken. Do you hide little messages in your scrapbook projects too? All the rolled flowers are hand made with paper from the collection and cut files. The smaller pink roses are by Paige Evans, the large yellow flowers are by Lori Whitlock and the blue flowers are by Farren Celeste

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 3

Eve’s gone forever and it still puts a bee (or two) in my bonnet 😉 

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 5

I thought about what a happy garden planter would look like. Naturally I went with a stylish layered bow and nerdy,  eye glasses. I might have just designed myself? LOL!  

KellyMadeIt with Garden Party 1

What else is in that planter hairdo? Honestly, what isn’t, ha! The long leafy vine is via Pinkfresh and the Greenery Border cut file the tiny flowers are from the Sticker Book, The large pink leafy rose comes from the Ephemera Pack

So, what colours do you like to put in your garden pots? 

Cheers dears, happy scrappy and gardening ! 

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

13 thoughts on “Thinking of you with Garden Party

    1. Good Morning Lavinia, thanks ever so much. It’s a shame the culprits didn’t think about what they might mean to me. Some things were gifts from friends and that was a real bummer. C’est la vie, not everyone is as thoughtful as we are here xK

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  1. I’ve been poking around on Etsy for yellow pixie figurines. It seems your Eve is a rare find. I saw a few figurines listed for $25, $50 and beyond! This one looks like the same era as yours, but it’s quite different from Eve. Sigh.


    1. oh hey! LOL. I just read your other message.
      Well thanks for being so dear. That’s quite pricey for a fairy garden isn’t it ? Or maybe that’s what they go for now. I’m sure one will turn up at some point for a reasonable amount. xxxooo K


      1. That’s half the fun, eh: the right item at the right price. I think a lot of online prices are inflated. It’s hard to know how many of these items actually sell at that price. I can’t wait for the day when we can prowl through vintage shops once again.


  2. I’m amazed seeing your creative process. You make everything bigger and brighter. I’m so sad about Eve and all the other treasures nipped from your front patio. It’s not so much what they took, but the violation of someone coming into your private space and taking your lovely creations. I’m glad you’re working it out with this GORGEOUS page. I love your stitching, those clever glasses and that hair. OMG You are amazingly talented. (I know, I know, we’re besties, but I remain unbiased and truthful…you are a gifted designer). xo

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    1. Omgee Alys! What a wonderful heartfelt message to find. Thank you so much for all the nice compliments.
      It’s easy to miss Eve, she was just so cute. I continued to look for another pixie until the pandemic. I’ll get back at it one day. I had just gotten to cleaning up the french table garden and thought about the things I missed again.
      First world problems.
      I initially wanted to do a beehive hairdo and immediately ran out of room, lol. What was I thinking. So, there you go, not so clever after all. xox K


      1. I like the way the hair design mimics the pixie’s hat. A beehive hairdo will certainly make it into another one of your designs. It’s sounds charming. There are many things we miss, and yes, first-world problems. That said, it’s been a year of such loss. We’ve been saddened to see so many business closed for good: shops, restaurants, services, all gone in nearby Willow Glen, Los Gatos, Downtown San Jose and beyond. I feel so lucky to be in the position I’m in. You ARE clever, and that’s FINAL. xo 🙂

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  3. I love seeing it bigger. So much detail and it’s just incredible. I know I’d never have the patience for it so I”ll just enjoy viewing yours. It is sad we can’t put anything out in the front. I’ve had those whirly flowers and things knocked over and broken during the night so I put them in the back. So far so good. I’m thinking of you too. 🙂 Hugs.

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    1. hi hi Marlene! You’re so sweet, thank you for your message. I’m happy when anyone enjoys what I make.
      Everyone on our block has a front porch. It’s designed as an old-timey community with porches and a treed boulevard. We just have a couple of chairs out there now. Even a pillow that said, “happily ever after” got snitched, LOL ! That’s a bit ironic. Maybe it’s still happy on someone else’s porch. 😉 Big hug!

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    1. You’re so kind, thank you for understanding Derrick. I would never have thought anyone would snitch things right at my front door. Sadly, I don’t have anything out there anymore. Which is a shame because you know how us gardeners like to add the odd spot of interest. Glad you’re neighbourhood is safe and respectful of your garden ! xK

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