January Was Awesome !

Hello friends!

I just have to say it, “I’m like the luckiest girl EVER”.

First, Paige Taylor Evans has invited me to continue on her amazing team !!! Like for real, I stamped my feet with happy joy. Think about being a kid on Christmas morning and you got that thing you wished so hard for. That was me!!

Then, the whole team got to announce Paige’s new and beautiful collection, ‘Bloom Street’ . It’ll be in stores any day now and I can’t wait to make all the pretty things.

So that’s a pretty fab start to a decade right? Wait, there’s more!  My wonderful bosses at Treasured Memories offered me a ticket to Creativation 2020 and off to Phoenix I flew!  Not only was I escaping winter in Edmonton, I was going to meet oh-so-lovely Paige ! That morning, after walking the wrong direction from our hotel, stopping some locals cops for help, then ubering to the convention centre, some selfies were snapped at this colourful wall.

Of course, I wanted to make something special to take with and began to plan a small box. My box would be shaped like a rainbow. A rainbow over a pretty field of flowers with butterflies bouncing around in the sunshine. That’s the magic of paper, if you can dream it, you can make it!

The whole project was designed with the last bits I had of Paige’s Turn The Page collection. I absolutely loved this collection so much. It’s like all the pretty pastel colours and patterns were made just for me. The cut file on the box is Paige’s Rainbow #266209 .

I made a gift bag to tuck it into. A couple of tags hung on the front and a pretty flower decorated the bag. The flower is another cut file by Paige, Layered Flower #311424

As I entered the convention, I thought, “ok Kelly, stay cool and don’t nerd out”.  Thank goodness my BFF Alys joined with (thanks again to Treasured Memories). Off we went, Rainbow in hand. First stop, Pink Paislee !!

All my nerves melted away with a generous hug. Paige is so sweet, with a smile to light a room and quickly made me feel right at home.

Paige’s booth was a oasis of prettiness.

There was a gorgeous wall of Paige’s layouts on display. So much inspiration.

I also spotted a few by sweet and talented Missy Whidden too! I love her designs! How cute is this layout?

I wanted to just hang out all day, ha! Would that be weird? YES! There were lot’s of creatives wandering in and everyone wants to meet our Paige. So off I went to see all the fun at Creativation. My phone battery barely survived the morning but here’s some other scene’s.

Later on, I met up with Chantel and KC of Treasured Memories as they made their order of Bloom Street. They were so generous to ask me to pick out what I needed to do some classes! I can’t wait to share something special with the gals back home. With that, one last photo op and Creativation 2020 was a wrap for me.

Thank you Paige for helping me shine and having me on your team. I’m so proud to be part of the fun and creativity. Thank you Treasured Memories for giving me the opportunity to join you in Phoenix AND bring my BFF too!  I had an amazing time and will treasure the memories forever (pun intended 😀 )

Big hugs to everyone that brought sunshine to my day this month!

That means you !! xo Kelly

PS. speaking of rainbows, I’ve got a new Pinterest Board full of them 😀


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

16 thoughts on “January Was Awesome !

    1. Hello honey ! Are you feeling better? Thanks tons for your message xoxo ! You know that link you sent me with Google photos, I went to use it and the link is gone. So I cobbled together a few photos I had on my own camera and two I had downloaded to my desktop. So sometime, no big rush, if you could resend the link, that’d be so fab! Hope you’re able to rest and getting lots of kitty love at the same time, mwah and mwah! love and hugs, K


      1. I’m sorry to hear about the link. Let me go investigate now.

        The pain has been awful. Today is day five and she said the first five would be the worst. I slept a bit better last night. My foot feels like it’s on fire most of the time. Onward.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh no hon 😦 Sorry to hear your news. That’s awful. I got this towel for Jim at a drugstore. When you wet it, it feels cold. I got it for him on the treadmill. I wonder if that could help? I wonder why 5 is the worst? It can only get better from there ❤ Arms around you xoxo

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello sweet mama P xo ! Thank you for that confidence booster! I hope the rest of the year continues to rock, (you’re so cool 😀 ). I’ve looked up what chinese animal I am and it’s the Ox. So next year is going to be even better 😀 If that’s even possible xox

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Really !? That’s so fun 😀 According to one source, this is the Ox. Regarding your element below, I am metal and I think you are Earth

          Oxen are honest and earnest. They are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. This often hides their talent, but they’ll gain recognition through their hard work.

          They believe that everyone should do what’s asked for them and stay within their bounds. Though they are kind, it’s difficult for them to understand persuasion using pathos. Rarely losing your temper, they think logically and make great leaders.

          Metal 1961, 2021 These Oxen face obstacles early on, although there are no financial worries. Friends and family aren’t much help, but they will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
          Water 1973, 2033 These Oxen have a comfortable early life and are respected their entire life. They will have a loving family, but it’s recommended to marry late.
          Wood 1925, 1985 These Oxen are multitalented and live like a breeze. There are some difficulties in the beginning, but everything smooths out.
          Fire 1937, 1997 These Oxen are friendly and social. There are no financial worries their entire life.
          Earth 1949, 2009 These Oxen are detailed and like being the leader. They’re usually are make a lot of money, but can’t seem to hold onto it. However, they are able to slow down and enjoy their later years.


          Women born in the Ox year are calm and gentle. They will never surrender to fate and rarely think of choosing an alternative. This no doubt leads to a life of struggles. But no matter what, they will walk down the road they choose until the end. Despite this stubbornness, they think and react quickly.

          Does that sound like you?

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          1. Oh Yeah! Generally that seems to fit –
            Although I don’t really ‘like being the leader’ it is a role I’ve often found myself in. And I’ve never made a lot of money to not hold onto which is a bit of a shame. The metal sounds like an overview for you, do you think so too?

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          2. I would say the overall traits are very much like me. Honest, earnest (to a fault), low key, and for sure I don’t like to be the center of attention. I very much like being ‘background-girl’. Like, “the Oscar for best supporting actress goes to Kelly” 😀 LOL
            Oh and yes to the elements detail. Early on was rough (thanks to a negative mother and wondering wasband…my new term for the ex, ha). But we can look forward to a nice retirement. It’s fun recognizing common traits with you Pauline. xoxo K

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    1. Hello Lavinia, you are always so generous, thank you for your message. I saw the next paper collection in Phoenix and oh my, it’s all so soft and feels like spring 😀 I guess you see signs of spring much sooner on Salmon Brook. So happily, paper crafting will help me get over that late winter hump! xo K

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