Kelly Made It With Pink Paislee

Hello Crafty friends, Merry Christmas !

Are you making time to Scrap with all the holiday activity?  I’m sharing an off-the-page project today.

I never tire of Pink Paislee collections and enjoy discovering new ways to use them.  Take Me Away was Paige Evans second collection for Pink Paislee back in July of 2016.

Although it’s more traveled inspired, I thought the colours were perfect for creating my Gingerbread house too and choose two papers from the collection

The collection is full of colours I love working with. Like mint, pink, yellow and coral. A really brilliant feature in all Paige’s collections is the 2×2 sheets like the one on the left. The patterns of each square offer ton’s of creativity for backing a cut-file.

I also make it a habit of saving every bitty piece of Paige’s collections because they all co-ordinate so well together. I like to save them in smaller envelopes by colour. Perfect for back-filling little spaces.

You’ll be happy you did. It all helps go from this:

To This:

Paige Evans Cut File 283405 in Silhouette Studios and on her Etsy

The gorgeous cut-file was free for members of Paige’s Facebook Group, ‘Happy Scrappy Place’ . If you love scrapbooking and have a Cameo, you’ll want to join for fun, inspiration and a weekly free file. Once backed with paper, the cut file takes on a whole new personality ! With so many paper choices, no two will ever be alike.

The little details can be fun.   Flowered drapes, a sign on the door, tiny button doorknob and a tangle of gold thread helps suggest the fireplace is going inside.

What do you think? Would you live in a candy cottage?

Wishing you all a Very

Merry Christmas!

Cheers dears, Kelly

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

21 thoughts on “Kelly Made It With Pink Paislee

  1. Such magic here, today and always. I’ve seen and commented on this lovely candy house via Facebook, but I enjoyed the visit today with more detail on your creation. This must have taken you hours. I like your little color-coded envelops for all your scraps. I do something similar with clear, heavy-duty sheet protectors, though my scraps are larger then yours. What a lovely confection of goodness. Happy new year. xo

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    1. Hey honey bee! How’s your knee’s ? 😀
      Thank you again (and again and again) for your love and support for all the creative ‘stuff’ . It does take a bit of time, but I find it fun. If I were a keener, I would have stitched on the house too. I’m actually working on one of us today. You’ll see it soon 😀
      I like your idea of plastic pages for you larger scraps. I do something similar with larger scraps too. But use plastic button close 12×12’s. You might see gals bring them to crops and such. I actually could use some new ones because I handle them a lot. I really only do the little envelopes for Paige Evans projects. Her beautiful cut files are all about filling in tiny spaces, so I save every bit of usable paper. See you this week ;D xoxo


      1. Hello, hello! My knees are chubby, thank you. [snort] You made me laugh. I’ve seen your gorgeous pages on Facebook and they make me smile twice, once for the wonderful time we had and again for the beautiful way you’ve framed those photos.

        I do know the 12×12 folders you mean, although I rarely see that size anymore. I’ve seen the 9 x 12 ones at office supply stores, but those are drying up around here too, just like fabric stores. Sigh. I now have to drive thirty minutes round trip just to buy a spool of black thread. I’m excited for our chat! xo


  2. I wouldn’t live in a candy cottage — unless YOU designed it. So beautiful! Hope you had an equally beautiful Christmas, and I send my warmest wishes for a very happy, very healthy new year. xx

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    1. Heide !! How are you ? I’m sorry to be answering so late. What a whirl Christmas is 😀 I hope you had the nicest time. I have a fab idea! what’s your favourite colours? I’ve had nooo time to visit you but I honestly have been thinking about you and your hubby and hoping all is well. Retail at Christmas is a whirlwind. Lot’s of projects and what not! All the best in the coming year to you and those you love the most ! xoxo K

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      1. Hello dear K! No worries at all, my dear … it’s the most whirlwindy time of the year, after all. 🙂 Hope it was also a fun and profitable time for you, though. As for your fab idea: That sounds very intriguing! My favorite colors are sky blue, spring/leaf green and orange. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this comment. 😀 And when you’re back into a more sedate pace please drop me an email with a mailing address where I can send you some teeny tiny garden decorations (as I forgot to mention that in my last email). All is well here, by the way. Hubby healthy, family happy, hallelujah. Hope the same is true for you. I wish you and yours a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! xoxo

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        1. Hello lovely Heidi ! Thanks so much for your New Year Wishes. Are you going out to celebrate? Jim and I will just hang at home and smooch at midnight (if he’s still awake). Happy New Year to you! Email will arrive shortly xK

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          1. So … did Jim make it until midnight? We didn’t last past 9 p.m. Yay, aging! 🙂 Still … there’s something to be said for starting the new year without a hangover, ha ha. Hope yours is off to a great start. xoxo


    1. My dear Herman, thank you so much! I’m off now till Thursday after Christmas. Nothing major planned, just sleeping in and crafting, ha! I love to be at home, as I’m sure you and Mr Bowie do too. Warm wishes to you both and let’s all stay healthy next year !! xK

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    1. How lovely are you !! Thank you so very much for your message dearest! I’ve been ignoring my Blog entirely this year and miss you all so much. I can’t seem to get that ‘time management’ thing organized at all. But as WordPress has just billed me for another year, LOL, I thought I should make an appearance 😀
      Have a beautiful Christmas and I’ll wish for all your lovely clients to be in their families arms too. Merry Christmas !! xK

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    1. Awe, you’re just awesome, thank you Patricia ! I laughed when my girlfriend suggested I could live in a candy cottage, telling her that I’d soon be homeless due to the fact that I’d eat everything, ha!
      It took extra long to pick out the background paper. I worried it would look too busy. But I went with it anyways and I’m happy with the results. Good to follow your intuition I guess. Have a fabulous Christmas, see you in the new year dear xK


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