Kelly Made It with Pink Paislee – Turn The Page

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? I sure did!

I  enjoyed lots of time at home, crafted, cooked a bit and visited with dear friends.  One celebration, a lunch with all my girlfriends from old Urban Scrapbook was a favourite events of the season

So, when I brought home Pink Paislee’s ‘Turn The Page’ by Paige Evans,  I knew it would be the perfect collection to document a new beginning!

I really wanted to make use of the 2×2 paper pads I bought with his collection.

These tiny papers pack a big punch and replicate the full size collection. One of the pads is just phrases, like ‘Trust the Magic of Beginnings’ and ‘I Believe in Good Things Coming”.  Both fit so well as I look forward to new creative adventures.

If you’d like to try this cut-file yourself, it’s on the Silhouette Studio,  just search Paige Evans. I think, one of the trickiest things about being a new Cameo user, is knowing the right blade setting. So I’m including what worked for me here.  I used 65 lb white cardstock (Reflections brand). The cut-file is pretty detailed, so I set the automatic blade at 3, Speed 3, Thickness 31. It might depend on the age of your blade too. Do a test cut!

Once cut, I laid some of the quotes on top of the cut-file and the patterned paper under the cut-file.

Our gathering felt like a big group hug!

Notice the sequins ?!  I picked up this lovely trick from Missy Whidden 😀 I love watching all her videos, I call her the Picaso of Paper ! Ha! This was the video that inpired me:

I think Designers that share their projects and inspire others is what this craft thing is all about!  So collect ideas as you go and pass them on.

Sharing is caring !

Happy New Year, here’s to new beginnings

Cheers, Kelly!






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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

27 thoughts on “Kelly Made It with Pink Paislee – Turn The Page

    1. LOL, you Southern girls are so ‘dang’ cute!
      Well, not that I’m good at keeping up but wanted to put these crafty things in a place all their own. Like yourself, not everyone is into the whole paper thang… oh, that’s me being southern… tee-hee

      What’s going down in Virginia? I’m really excited to be leaving for Aus in 3 weeks…not ready….just excited…. LB!!! We’re going to frickin’ New Zealand!! bahaha….mind blown xoxox


    1. Thank you so much Lavinia! You know,your names so pretty 😀 I think that everytime I type it. Happiest New Year to you all !! I was just out to the birdbath and feeder, it’s the first morning in over a week that we’re warmed above -25 C. It now feels like summer at -5 C ha! xo K

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    1. Lovely you, then I shall never cease to try ❤ ❤ Thank you (( Alys )) As long as they make new paper collections, there'll always be inspiration tugging at my heart-strings, because I just love working with paper! Have you gotten back to your Cameo yet? I'm having the best time with it! xoxo


      1. I’m drooling over all your cut files. You really make great use of your cameo. I need to sit down and sort out weather I need new software now that I’ve moved from a PC to a Mac. Meanwhile, I’m having fun with my BigShot. I just made a little card using the shadow box die from Lawn Fawn. It came together beautifully. Do you know the one I mean?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I do know the one you mean! How fun! I’ve actually downloaded a similar cut-file from the silhouette store but not got it on my desk yet. Did you add critters?! I have a number of stamp and die sets and was thinking of them when I bought that file. We are on the same crafting wavelength 😀

          I wonder if you’d enjoy an updated Cameo. It’s probably changed, because I think you bought one of the very first ones, right? They probably are very affordable in the states. I think the silhouette store still has a big offer going. The BigShot is fun too, I actually think it cuts delicate things much better still xoxoxo Post your card sweetie!! Love to see it ❤


          1. You know what: I will look for a new Cameo. This one is no longer serving it’s purpose, and it’s silly to have it sitting on my desk. Thanks for encouraging me. I’ll find the pic and will send it. It’s nothing fancy like your creations, but it was perfect for her new studio.

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              1. Yep, I have the Cameo 3. Lori Nelson gave me one for Christmas 😀 I was so shocked and happy I cried…like a baby, ha. I have watched so many videos and tips, I could share a couple of sights I liked if you’d like. xo


              2. Wow! What a wonderful, generous gift. It you don’t mind sending me the links via email when you have time, I would love that. I know there will be a learning curve.

                I wandered around The Island yesterday and wished you were with me. They still have lots of pretty Christmas paper and lots of things for Valentines day, too.

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  1. Wow, I like the little round green things that look like fish scales. Those are so cool. The bigger picture is really nice, too, and so involved!!! The whole thing is, indeed, like a big hug. Happy new year!!!

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    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so so much honey! Those green things are sequins and they’re glued to the paper…pretty easy breezy! It looks intricate but it’s not really. I have the electronic cutter that makes everything look really detailed 😀 Hey! I bought myself a cutting mat today with a grid so I can start your blinds and everything will be straight as an arrow. I’ve wanted one for a while and this was a good reason to get it! How was your Christmas and visit home. Happy New Year Chickita! xo K

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Christmas visit was good. I got to cook a lot and feed people and make little frozen dinners for my mom. I picked up a cold on the airplane out that I’m just about over. And have spent some nice quiet time at home for the past few days! Lovely!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the info on your cameo! I love to learn new tricks that make the process run more smoothly. Your Group Hug layout is beautiful!

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